TARS Robot Interstellar

Ochre Jelly, best known for his LEGO creations, has built a real-life TARS suit. It consists of a wood frame clad in aluminum, complete with camera, LCD display, audio amplifier as well as a headset to help him navigate his surroundings while staying hidden inside. Weighing in at 40-pounds, Heath’s TARS suit is human-powered and moves thanks to a couple of handles and arm rests built into the back, unlike the 200-pound puppet used in the actual Interstellar film. Continue reading for the video and more information.

“Heath spent three months building the costume, a process that involved over 100 hours of work. To replicate the computer readout displays on the front of the bot, he used two iPads. The result is a very shiny costume that is extremely faithful to the movie robot. Heath built the costume to take to fan conventions, where it will certainly stand out from the usual cosplay crowd,” reports CNET.

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