Not all alarm clocks are annoying, as these geeky devices in this list will prove. Highlights include the Timesphere and “Wake Up” light. Which one is your favorite?

Philips “Wake Up” Light

Philips introduces an innovative alarm clock that “replicates a sunrise to wake you up naturally — starts a half hour before you want to get up, and it slowly gets brighter over 30 minutes.” The “Wake Up” light will be released later this year in France. No word yet on pricing.

This lets your body know that the sun is coming up and reduces your body’s production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone


AXbo Alarm Clock

For an alarm clock that monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you at the best possible time, look no furthur than aXbo’s Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. With support for up to two people, the Sleep Phase includes a sweatband with built-in sensor that wirelessly transmits your sleep pattern info to the clock. Ensuring that you don’t oversleep, the alarm will sound within a 30 minute window before your desired wake time. [Source]

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Now you can wake up to the sounds of Space Invaders with this nifty alarm clock. Powered by two AAA batteries, the clock plays a simulated game of Space Invaders when your alarm goes off. It measures 95 x 92 x 85mm and weighs just 130g. Available now through Rakuten for around $34. [Source 12]

NES/Famicom Controller Alarm Clock

Wake up to the sound of Super Mario Bros. with this nifty NES/Famicon controller alarm clock. It features a built-in LCD display and allows you to “use the D-Pad + buttons to change modes/ set the alarm.” Available here for $24.99.

It even has a built in mini-game… score high enough and unlock a “secret” alarm sound. These cool little clocks are limited edition items imported from Japan and are guaranteed cheaper than PS3


The Handle Alarm

The Handle Alarm — designed by Duck Young Kong — puts a new twist on the classic device with the addition of a handle, in which users pull to set alarm/clock time.

The length of the wire represents amount of the time. Therefore, user can easily understand how much time remains before they must wake up. Pushing the LCD screen will turn off the alarm. The clock can be placed on a side table or hung on the wall


Giovannoni Timesphere

Priced at $150, the Giovannoni Timesphere is a nifty alarm clock that is capable of projecting the time onto any surface via a wireless orb. More information here.

While sitting on the base, the wireless orb is charged through induction and once it is completely charged feel free to place it wherever. The orb will project the time onto a wall or surface and easily be lost when kicked or played with by a cat.


Lexon’s On-Off Alarm Clock

Available in a wide variety of different colors, the Lexon On-Off alarm clock is more than just a cool looking gadget — featuring a tilting mechanism that can be used to set the alarm or for turning it off. It measures a compact 5.3″ x 3.1″ x 1.4″.

While we’re sure this will result in some exciting and violent early morning clock tilting action, we’re not so sure how snooze functionality factors in


USB Air Purifier/Alarm Clock

Here’s a first: a USB-powered air purifier/alarm clock with LED party lights. This gadget would go well with the USB Paper Shredder, don’t you think? Available now through USBGeek for $32. [Source]

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