Not all LEGO blocks are boring, as these five geeky creations will prove. Highlights include the fully-automatic book scanner, computer case, and more. Which ones are your favorites?

LEGO Computer Case

File this under: “Cool LEGO Gadgets” Created by Alex, this geeky LEGO computer case not only looks cool, but is fully-functional.

Studs hold the motherboard together, Lego supporting beams hold up the PSU, and even the “slot screws” are Lego bushings

LEGO Fully-Automatic Book Scanner

A Japanese LEGO builder has created a fully-automatic book scanner. Though not very practical, it’s still an impressive creation nonetheless.

Scanning a book involves picking up the book from the scanner carefully so that you won’t change the current pages, and turning pages precisely…our sophisticated biomachienery owe a lot to evolution. Without its support, the activities are far too difficult for robots


LEGO Segway

This followup to the original NXT Way comes equipped with an infrared light sensor, home made cables, and a custom program.

Beer-Opening LEGO Bot

This beer-opening LEGO/Fishertechnik robot — built by “Ryokale” — may not be as fast as its beer-pouring counterpart, but it’s still a nifty creation none the less and gets the job done.

LEGO Mindstorms Automobile Factory

This followup to the automated duck assembly line, builds upon that creation and takes it a step furthur by building a LEGO car.

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