Photo credit: Goines / Flickr

When is a $25 Step2 Push Car not just something used to transport your kids? When it’s transformed into a miniature DeLorean, complete with flux capacitor. According to the creator, she “spent a few weekends and nights in October recreating the iconic DeLorean with cardboard, tape, paint, and a little help with some EL lighting from [her] husband, Jeremy.” Continue reading for more pictures.

5 Interesting facts:

  1. Tony Hawk was credited as helping choreograph the skateboard scenes.
  2. In the opening sequence, all of Doc’s clocks read 7:53 (25 minutes slow) except for one clock. It is on the floor next to the case of plutonium and it reads 8:20.
  3. CRM-114 is seen on the key to turning Doc’s giant amplifier on in the beginning of the movie. CRM-114 is also referenced in Dr. Strangelove as well as the number of the spacecraft in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  4. The Ingredients of Doc’s “Wake Up Juice” – Tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper, chili peppers, onion, and mustard seed.
  5. In Part 2 and 3, the OUTATIME license plate has been replaced by a futuristic barcode version of itself.

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