Liquid nitrogen can be used for much more than just science experiments. You can use it to make ice cream or even cool a computer. Vote for your favorite use after the jump.

LN2 Ice Cream

For those who’ve always wondered how to make ice cream using liquid-nitrogen, check out this demonstration.

To make liquid nitrogen ice cream you start with an ice cream base in a metal mixing bowl. Fire up the mixer (Kitchen-Aid was in use here) at low-med speed. Pour the liquid nitrogen into the bowl a bit at a time as the mixer is running


5GHz Project

Tom’s Hardware “set out to squeeze at least 5 GHz from the selected Intel P4” in this classic test.

Finally, by gradually increasing FSB speed from 200 MHz (factory setting) to 309 MHz, we achieved a record speed of 5255 MHz. At full load, taking into account a maximum CPU heat dissipation of just under 175 watts, we recorded a temperature of approx. -190°C on the CPU cooling head


Swimming Pool Experiment

This is what happens when you dump a bucket of liquid nitrogen into a swimming pool.

Those wild Linux party animals had a conference last week. Part of their festivities included making liquid nitrogen ice cream and mentos and coke fountains, but the fun didn’t stop there. They made a video of what happens when you throw liquid nitrogen into a swimming pool




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