Ghost Gunner

The inventor behind the 3D printed gun has unveiled hist latest project, Ghost Gunner, which is basically a $1200 milling machine to make untraceable rifles. Rifles made with these machines do not have a serial number, and that’s why it’s known as a ‘ghost’ gun. Defense Distributed Cody Wilson’s previous creations have included 3-D printable plastic magazines and the Defender gun. Continue reading for a video of the machine in-action and more information.

Wilson says, “3-D printing [guns] was about signaling the future. This is about the present. You can use this machine today to create something to the standards you’re used to…The gold standard of the gun community is metal. The machine works in a unique way. Rather than creating a gun from scratch, it adapts a part known as an ‘80% lower.’ This is the body of the gun that connects its stock, barrel, magazine and other parts.”


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