Giant Rubik's Cube

A standard Rubik’s Cube is hard enough to solve for most people, but this Pillow 13x13x13 IQ Brick takes things to a whole new level. There are 13 squares in a row on each side of the cube, and in total, the 3D puzzle features 1,014 colored tiles – 169 colored tiles on each side, compared to 9 found on a regular Rubik’s Cube. Hong Kong-based Brando says that it’s “good for creative thinking and improving both your IQ and EQ [emotional intelligence].” Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay $320 to even try it out. Continue reading for more pictures, the product page and additional information.

“Brando says the toy has a quality design and is made to handle smoothly. It is also apparently good for training both your left and right brain, according to the company. However, with regards to any hints to solving it, Brando only suggests taking a ‘tea break’ and retrying it,” says The Daily Mail. Product page.


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