Gibbs Humdinga Amphitruck

There are amphibious trucks, and then the Gibbs Humdinga, a 3-ton 4×4 with a mid-mounted turbo-diesel engine that can propel it to highway speeds on land and over 30 mph on water. It’s currently the only truck capable of exceeding 9 mph on water, according to the company. The Humdinga is driven by a water jet system powered by the engine when afloat, and it features a unique hydraulic wheel retraction system – based on the one Gibbs uses on its Quadski ATV-sized amphibious recreational vehicles – that pulls all four wheels out of the water for reduced drag. Believe it or not, the transformation between land and water modes takes just a few seconds. Continue reading for a video and more information.

This amphibious vehicle was designed to carry up to 6 people and has a payload capacity of 1,653-pounds, but it can also be reconfigured to accommodate various combinations of cargo and passengers. Anyone looking for even more space, Gibbs developed a larger vehicle called the Phibian, which has twice the capacity of the Humdinga.

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