Doctor Who Tardis Engagement

Photo credit: Tardis Builders via Laughing Squid

Doctor Who fan Nick Clements, a woodworker from Midland, Michigan, wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Lisa Bissonette, in memorable fashion. So, he decided to build a life-sized TARDIS in 10 days. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, a properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and any place in the universe. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings using the ship’s “chameleon circuit”. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Clements says: “Once at the Tardis, Clements, wearing a trench coat and red Converse tennis shoes – the attire of the 10th generation Doctor Who – gave the key from around his neck to Bissonnette, who unlocked the door and went in. When she turned around to come outside, Clements proposed with a simple, ‘Will you marry me?’ ‘I figured a Tardis says a thousand words,’ he said. ‘This is the biggest thing I’ve ever built and the most extravagant gesture I’ve ever done.'”