Heizer Defense DoubleTap

Heizer’s Defense Double Tap Pistol is touted as the world’s smallest .45-caliber, and works perfectly as a concealed carry weapon for self defense situations. Measuring in at just 0.625-inches thick, and weighing under a pound, this handgun comes in both aluminum as well as titanium models, both with a double-barrel, hammerless design. Continue reading for a video of it in-action. Click here to view more images.

“The double-barreled, hammerless firearm is available in your choice of either aluminum or titanium, with or without a ported design, and includes a spot for spare rounds in the grip. And if the .45 provides a bit too much kick for your needs, it’s also available in 9mm as well. The gun retails for $500-$800,” according to Hi Consumption.

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