The Matrix Camera

Just about every science fiction fan has watched The Matrix, but fanatics have probably watched it a doesn’t times or more. However, there are some details you might have missed, including this camera in the doorknob. That’s right, the director of photography couldn’t hide the camera in the doorknob’s reflection in this scene, so they put a coat over it and a half tie to match with the one Morpheus was wearing. Continue reading for more movie details that you might’ve missed.

10. Captain America: Civil War

Hidden Movie Details

In “Captain America: Civil War” Tony Stark’s helicopter has “Mark XLVI” on the center console near the Iron Man suit deploy button. “Mark XLVI” designates that this is Tony’s 46th Iron Man suit he’s made.

9. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Hidden Movie Details

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Poppy’s robot guard dogs are named Bennie and Jet, a reference to Elton John’s song Bennie and the Jets.

8. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hidden Movie Details

DetailIn Spider-Man: Homecoming, Aunt May is reading ‘The Woman in the Dunes’ by Kobo Abe – which is about an entomologist who gets caught like an insect – at a time in the plot where Peter Parker is almost ‘caught’ as Spider-Man.

7. V for Vendetta

Hidden Movie Details

In V for Vendetta, Finch’s anti-listening device is actually a $5 book light from the early 2000s with a red LED.

6. Inglorious Bastards

Hidden Movie Details

In ‘Inglorious Bastards’ Shosanna is taking down the title for the movie Lt. Archie Hicox says he and his family were in.

5. Empire Strikes Back

Hidden Movie Details

During the Asteroid Field chase in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, a pilot is flung from his TIE Fighter after crashing into a asteroid.

4. A Nightmare Before Christmas

Hidden Movie Details

In A Nightmare Before Christmas, a snake slithers through Oogie Boogie’s dice. It’s reminiscent of a Sandworm in Beetlejuce.

3. The Fellowship of the Ring

Hidden Movie Details

The candles near Gandalf have melted down marking the passage of his time spent reading through scrolls in The Fellowship of the Ring.

2. The Prestige

Hidden Movie Details

In The Prestige when Tesla’s machines are being exhibited in the Royal Albert Hall, a man in the audience protests that Tesla’s electrical current is unstable. That same man later appears in Colorado Springs as worker of Thomas Edison’s. A motif of one man sabotaging/discrediting the others work.

1. Empire Strikes Back

Hidden Movie Details

In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is in Cloud City, Boba Fett hears him pull his blaster out while trying to hide.


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