Skully P1 Motorcycle Helmet

You may have seen or heard about this motorcycle helmet in the past, but there’s now an official ship date, and it’s December 2015. Touted as the “world’s smartest motorcycle helmet,” the Skully AR-1 (Augmented Reality) features a 180°, rear-facing camera and a small display placed in the bottom right portion of your field of view, which enables riders to see everything behind them. The company has also developed a proprietary interface that brings turn-by-turn directions and a few other basic pieces of info to the HUD, all with the purpose of reducing the mental load placed on the rider. Simply pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and you’ll be set to ride. Continue reading for two more videos and more information.

The Skully team is currently working on integrating their own voice-recognition software to improve your access to the AR-1’s abilities while riding before the final version ships in December. There are also practical applications for this technology, like while track riding, where speed, rpm, and other figures are important to keep an eye one.

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