Hivehaus Modular Living

There’s been a lot of talk about tiny homes recently, and Barry Jackson’s creation definitely deserves a place on the list. Called HiveHaus, this modular, beehive-like home comes flat-packed, and ready to assemble. Want to add more rooms? Simply purchase another module. That’s right, the individual hexagon-shaped cells can be customized to your liking, and then connected. Each cell spans 100-square-feet that’s enclosed by floor and walls made of 3.93 inch insulated timber frames. The inner / outer panels are strengthened with polyurethane foam, and “powder coated steel facing laminate” for added safety. You can add solar panels, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting and lots more. Continue reading for a time-lapse video and more pictures of the interior.

Modular Flat-Packed House