HooToo’s TripMate HT-TM01 is the all-in-one portable wireless router, USB storage media sharing, battery pack that you’ve been looking for, all crammed into a svelte package that fits nicely in your pocket. To be more specific, it’s a N150 broadband router, 5200mAh battery pack (2-3 full charges w/iPhone), a Wi-Fi Hotspot, and a wireless USB storage / sharing device. Product page. Continue reading for our full review and some hands-on pictures.

Lightning Review

The first thing that you’ll notice is that HooToo’s HT-TM01 box is really tiny, especially for a gadget that packs so many features. After opening the box, you’ll find the device and a microUSB charging cable. It already came partially charged, so we started using the HT-TM01 right away. Whether it be charging an iPhone, iPad, or any USB device, the 5200mAh external charger was more than enough for a quick boost. For the record it charged our iPhone from 50% battery life to 98% in just 10-minutes.

Next, we tested out its wireless broadband router and bridge modes. The process was as easy as can be: plug an RJ45 Ethernet cable directly into the HT-TM01 for router mode or type in the login credentials for an existing wireless internet broadcast, and your guests will have internet access without you having to reveal any sensitive information.

We then tried the USB storage media sharing function, and we only had to download the TripMate app, plug in a USB flash drive to the HT-TM01, and started sharing away. Best of all, it also works with portable hard drives and memory cards plugged into a Flash card disk reader without any issues. Overall, we highly recommend this product, and give it 5 / 5 stars.

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