Cruises may not be synonymous with cold weather (unless we’re talking Alaskan / Antarctic expeditions), but with the Hot Tub Boat that all changes. Starting at $21,260USD fully-equipped, these boats are “constructed from wood and fitted with glass fiber reinforced polyester (size 240 x 380 x 110 cm); the HotTug has a stainless steel stove with a single wall pipe.” Continue reading for a video on a different hot tub boat and for more information on the HotTug.

Containing up to 2,000L of water and propelled either by an integrated electric motor, or an outboard one, the HTHTB can fit up to 6 passengers looking to sit in water…while sitting in water. The H²O is heated through a wood stove and the contents can take around 3 hours to reach the desired temperature.

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