If breakfast isn’t part of your daily routine — due to time constraints — then these geeky contraptions may help, or not. View them all after the jump.

Automatic Waffle Maker

A group of students developed this nifty waffle making contraption. Now all we need is a syrup pouring machine.

Here is a fully mostly automated waffle machine. It’s powered by a 4 liter valve pressure system and the occasional low-powered nudge


PS3 Grill

Steak and eggs cooked PS3 style, the perfect breakfast? That’s right, a group of modders decided to convert a brand new PlayStation 3 into a functional George Foreman-style grill.

Xbox 360 Heatsink Fryer

So you’ve learned how to cook breakfast on a MacBook, now we bring you “Cooking Eggs Xbox 360-Style”.

…it seems that you can’t cook an egg on a 360 simply by pouring it onto the toasty case; rather, you have to actually crack it open and get your breakfast on using the naked components…console’s heat sink being employed as the world’s nastiest cooking surface — and although the resulting eggs look absolutely revolting, that doesn’t stop the intrepid cinematographers from scraping them out with a fork to savor the flavor