Would you smash a perfectly good Wii or PS3? These people would. Highlights include the iPod, Zune, and more.


From the group that brought you SmashMyPS3, comes SmashMyWii. Dressed as Mario and Luigi, the guys purchase a brand new Nintendo Wii and then proceed to smash it in front of a crowd of Wii campers.


So you’ve seen a Nintendo Wii and PS3 get smashed, now check out the Zune edition by Jim Crammer.

After (quite literally) ranting for a good bit about how Apple has single-handedly changed the way we listen to music, he informs everyone that the Zune was “beat before it hit the market,” and proceeds to literally beat the Zune until it was (somewhat) damaged from multiple baseball bat blows


PlayStation 3

The guys over at SmashMyPS3 did just that after receiving $675 in donations. Here’s a little background on the project:

From the creators of SmashMyiPod.com, we bring you, SmashMyPs3.com! We will be one of the first people to get our hands on a PlayStation 3. After we do, we will destroy it in front of all the PS3 fanboys moments after we buy it. This is only a social experiment, for the entertainment of the donors, and visitors of this site


Tom Dickson is back at it again, and this time he blends an iPod for your viewing pleasure. Will it blend? Find out after the jump.


Put simply, this is what happens when a Dell, IBM, or any other lithium-ion battery powered notebook catches fire/explodes. PCPitStop decided to intentionally create conditions “in which the Li-ON battery pack would explode inside a generic portable.”

The results are dramatic. There are numerous conditions where these fires can occur in real life. Faulty battery packs (driving the recalls), faulty protection circuits inside the PC, exposure to excessive heat, and blunt force are some of the major ways that this could happen to you

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