Balloon Smartphone Case

Did you just get a new iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and don’t yet have a case for it? Well, before your next outdoor trip, simply grab a regular balloon to make one in 10-seconds or less. Simply blow up the balloon, place the phone over it, have one person loosely hold the balloon opening while the other holds the phone down, and soon, the balloon begins to mold into the phone’s shape. Sure, you might not have access to your device’s various ports or earphone jack, but it will at least keep some parts of it safe should the phone slip out of your hands on a hiking trip. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“If you’ve just spent an exorbitant amount of money on a new smartphone, chances are you’re also going to want to buy a case to keep it scratch-free for as long as possible. But why waste your hard-earned money on a flimsy bit of plastic that you just know won’t fit the next model when it comes out and society demands that you upgrade? With this simple – and kind of hypnotic – trick, you can turn any old balloon into your next smartphone case!,” says Rocket News 24.



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