So you’ve seen the video, now find out how you can use the Wii Shop channel to surf the internet. Instructions plus another demo video after the jump. [via MaxConsole]


Want to browse the internet before WII’s Opera is launched? Heres how:: Step One: Download Simple DNS Plus at; Install Simple DNS Plus; Step Two: Once you have Simple DNS Plus opened goto Tools -> Edit DNS Records; In the DNS records goto tools –> Quick Domain Wizard; In the domain field type “”; for the webserver ip type in the ip of the website to goto (if you want to find out the ip goto cmd prompt and type ping google’s IP is; so bascially put that in as the “Web Server IP”; Erase the secondary DNS Server and press OK
On the WII; Goto the Wii Menu –> Wii Settings –> Internet –> Connection Settings –> Chose your connection — >Change settings; click next 3 times until you get to the DNS setup; Click Advanced Settings; Then enter the primary DNS as your computers IP address: (to get that goto cmd prompt on the computer and type ipconfig) click ok and launch the Shopping Channel, it should bring up google now; Check Home Page for Video