Nikola One

The hydrogen electric-powered Nikola One has a power output of 1,000 HP and 2,000 lb-ft (2,712 Nm) of torque, which enables it to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 30-seconds under load, approximately half the time needed for its diesel-powered counterpart. The electric motors are powered by 320-kWh lithium-ion battery incorporated directly into the frame rail. Continue reading for the live unveiling video and more information.

“However, before seeing the first examples of the hydrogen-electric semi on the road, Nikola Motor still have to open a factory, whose location is to be determined in the first half of 2017. Additionally, the small company also plans to begin the construction of 364 hydrogen stations from January 2018, in the US and Canada, which will be responsible for providing the free fuel for the first 1,000,000 million miles for any of the trucks in the ‘Complete Leasing Program’,” reports Car Scoops.

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