Icy Breeze Portable Air Conditioner

The IcyBreeze may look like your standard drink cooler / ice chest, but it’s actually a functional portable air conditioner in disguise. Before attempting to create a $10 DIY version, what sets this apart from the others is its hinged lid, where a radiator sits that inhales the cold water on the bottom of the cooler and then recirculates that by pumping it through the system via a three-speed fan. The company says that the result is cold air that’s guaranteed to be up to 35° F cooler than the outside air temperature. And if you keep it on the lowest fan setting, the rechargeable battery can last for seven hours. Product page. Continue reading for a video and more information.

You’ll be blown away with these IcyBreeze features: a generous 38 quarts of cooler space, three-speed, high-powered fan to keep you cool, a 12-volt rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 hours on lowest fan speed, an ergonomic handle and multiple lift points for easy transportation. A wide drain makes it easy to empty the contents after use.More information.

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