Batman Twin-Blade Folding Knife

This Batman-inspired Batarang 11.5″ twin-blade folding knife isn’t just for looks, it’s a fully-functional tool, priced at $18.99. In addition to having two extremely sharp blades, each on can be opened independently so the knife can be used as a single-blade knife as well as a dual-blade. For those looking to add even more functionality, strapping a portable flashlight torch onto this would probably be a good idea, and won’t break the bank. Product page. Continue reading for a video review and more information.

The handle is shaped just like the Batman symbol, and it comes complete with a belt clip for convenience – a must have for any Batman fan. One reviewer says: “As a collectible, this dual blade batarang knife is pretty cool. I like the retro logo that is more from the Batman Returns / Batman Forever time period. To open either of the two blades, you must use the small silver pegs which protrude from each of the blades. With a bit of wear (or some lubricant) you may be able to flick the blades open (one at a time) using momentum (a quick snap of the wrist). I was able to get one side to flick open, but the other side remained too stiff.” More information.

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