Triple Barrel Shotgun

When the zombie apocalypse arrives, a double barrel shotgun may not be enough to fend off the undead, and that’s where Chiappa’s triple barrel shotguns come into play. Available in Triple Crown and Triple Threat models, these shotguns are equipped with three 18.5-inch barrels and Rem-choke. You can partially disassemble the wooden stock attached to the 12 gauge shotgun, since the main purpose is to provide home protection. While the monoblock constructed firearm has no barrel select, you can still shoot in a clockwise order beginning with the bottom right barrel. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“There’s no doubt that Chiappa’s Triple Threat is a ‘look-at-me’ shotgun. It oozes cool and has that Hollywood wow factor that generates big smiles at the shooting range. But under all of the flash is a shotgun with class. Think of all the best qualities of a high-end side-by-side and add one more shot to the mix. It’s a winning combination that shooters will enjoy,” says American Rifleman.

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