Motoped Survival Black Ops Edition

In case of a zombie apocalypse, the Motoped Survival: Black Ops Edition is probably your safest best in terms of transportation, allowing for maneuverability as well as quick access to weapons. At its core, this Motoped is a customizable moped with a 500-mile range that achieves 200 mpg, easily converting to an ultralight dirt bike if its 49cc stock engine is swapped for something larger. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

“Lights, rope, carabiners, a mount for your phone, a hatchet and a shovel, a ‘wicked-mean crossbow’ and a bunch of knives within easy reach so you can stab the zombies after nailing them to a tree with your crossbow bolts and decapitating them with your hatchet. ‘Or,’ as the Motoped website suggests, ‘maybe you just want to go camping.’ No price is listed for the Black Ops edition, it seems to be an ‘ask and we might make one up for you’ kind of deal,” according to GizMag.