The problem with most computers today is that there just aren’t enough USB ports, that is unless…you have InfiniteUSB. Wit this accessory, whenever one of the cables are plugged in, a new USB port will be created, which means you can connect multiple devices without needing a separate hub. Continue reading for a video and the Kickstarter page.

Here’s how the designer came up with this idea: “One day, on a bus to the airport, I as usual, ponder over new ideas to improve people’s life. The work scenes earlier that day kept flashing back. There were moments that I was pretty frustrated by my computer. I wanted to charge my cell and iPad at the same time, preparing for the trip. But I was not able to do so due to the limited number of the USB ports. Only one port was available…Damn! ‘Why not make the most out of this one port?’ An idea suddenly crossed over my mind. If I could offer another port while using this only one port, then technically I could have infinite USB ports for my tasks. Bingo! I was so excited about the idea and couldn’t wait to sketch it out. Therefore the first drawing of InfiniteUSB was born during the flight. After landing, I rushed home and transformed the initial drawing into a rendering on computer.” Kickstarter page.

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