Breaking away from traditional automobile designs are these innovative concepts, which maintain the traditional lines we are accustomed to while adding a futuristic touch. Continue reading to see more.

BMW Gina Light Visionary Model

Called the “GINA Light Visionary”, this innovative BMW concept is essentially a futuristic roadster that’s covered in a flexible fabric material. While it replaces the sheet metal, this fabric is expansion-resistant and highly durable, as well as allowing drivers to change the frame’s shape via electro-hydraulic controls.

Rinspeed Glass

Designed by Rinspeed, it comes equipped with a turbocharged 750cc 2-cylinder engine that produces 150hp, with a top speed of 130mph. A lightweight aluminum frame and transparent Makrolon (ultra durable plastic) shell — giving it a faux “glass” look — contribute to the vehicle’s 1653-pound weight.