As the first “integrated” family robot, the ITR (Internet Renaissance Robot) is capable of performing simple tasks such as translating Japanese into English — seen in the video clip — along with providing daily weather reports. The ITR connects to a dedicated server via the internet, downloads usable “robot content”, and than presents that information through voice/movements. Each robot is equipped with speakers, 168 LEDs (chest/hands), USB/Serial ports, miniSD card slots, and an audio connection port. It hits shelves this September at the price of $1,600. Video clip after the jump.

From the article: “Initial plans call for 12 channels of content ranging from news and weather to children’s programming, variety and music programs. Features such as a “motion browser” and a library function for storing emotional expression motion data enable ITR to use sound and motion to communicate the content to the user.”

[PinkTentacle via GizmodoShoutIt]