This may look like a soundstage for an upcoming movie, but it’s actually Inventionland, one of the coolest – if not the coolest – workplaces ever. This company invents nearly 2,000 new items each year, and the environment they’ve created for their employees is meant to inspire. Continue reading for a few videos, more pictures, and additional information.


The 70,000 square feet facility looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before, featuring 15 different fantasy sets, from pirate ships to tree houses and even a house shaped like a giant shoe. And it’s not only the world’s most creative workplace, it’s also equipped with the latest in sound, video and animation technology to help creationeers come up with the best ideas. Oh, that’s right, Inventionland employees are called “creationeers”, they get to wear lab coats and they brainstorm for ideas in a room called “Inventalot”. Now, how cool is that!


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