iPad Mini 3

Priced from $399, the iPad Mini 3 is not much different from its predecessor, aside from the new gold color and TouchID fingerprint sensor. Other features include: 7.9-inch (4:3 aspect ratio) Retina display, an A7 CPU with 64-bit architecture, and a 5.0-megaipxel iSight camera. Pre-orders begin October 17th and will begin shipping October 24th. Continue reading for more hands-on pictures, a video overview and additional information.

“The iPad mini 3 is quite possibly the best small tablet on the market today. But it doesn’t feel like it’s from the future. It’s a little thicker and heavier than you’d ideally like a small tablet to be, and it’s frustrating to have the speakers at the bottom of the tablet. I expect it will feel overdue for a design refresh next year,” says The Verge.