Finally, the big day, or at least for iPhone fans, is here: the official iPhone 5 launch. If you’re still on the fence about this phone, you probably won’t be happy to know that the metallic coating scuffs very easily, as iFixit discovered during their tear down. For those who were fortunate enough to land one today, be sure to pick up one of these iPhone 5 cases, and you’ll be set. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.



  • iPhone 5 Repairability: 7 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)
  • We’re quite happy that the glass/display is the first thing that comes off the iPhone 5. The majority of iPhone repairs are due to a shattered front glass.
  • The battery comes out with a bit of prying once the front panel is removed.
  • The iPhone 5 still uses Pentalobe screws on the exterior, making it more difficult to open the device.
  • The front glass, digitizer, and LCD are all one component, thereby increasing cost of repair.
  • Lots of smaller components are soldered to one ribbon cable, increasing the cost of repairing just one component.