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You know you’ve got a record-breaking smartphone in the wings, when pre-orders for the device have already slipped to 3-4 weeks, before it’s even released. One early reviewer says that the “screen size lengthening is subtle: but, like the Retina Display, you’re going to have a hard time going back once you’ve used it.” Continue reading for the video review, more pictures, and more information.


First off, you’re going to be shocked at how light this phone is. It’s the lightest iPhone, even though it’s longer and has a bigger screen. After a few days with it, the iPhone 4S will feel as dense as lead. Using your iPhone 5 as a personal hot spot for a laptop or other device produces some of the same strong results as the third-gen iPad…and it’s smaller.

Something on the iPhone 5 has to not be new, right? Well, even the rear iSight camera’s been tweaked, but not quite as much as other features. It’s still an 8-megapixel camera, but there’s a new sapphire-crystal lens, and improved hardware enabling features like dynamic low-lighting adjustment, image stabilization on the 1080p video camera, and the capability to take still shots while shooting video.


What Apple has created with the iPhone 5 is an extremely polished smartphone that oozes appeal. It’s incredibly well built, easy to use, features a beautiful screen, and comes packed with enough speed and power to service all your requirements. The hardware is just stunning. It really is impressive how much is crammed into such a tiny box.

The iPhone is still the smartphone we would recommend when it comes to apps. Whilst Android is getting closer to enjoying a parallel launch schedule for apps, Windows Phone and BlackBerry are light years behind the ingenuity shown on a daily basis either from Apple or third-party developers. It’s a phone that, until you start craving the iPhone 6, will serve you very well indeed.

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