It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s the FlyShip? Yes, this hybrid craft can not only hover just above the water, but is also capable of reaching speeds over 155mph (250km/h) in the sky. It has a 100 passenger capacity, with cabin space spanning an area of 1,500 square ft. The FlyShip hovers above land and water by creating a cushion of air under the ‘reversed delta wings’, propelling it from the ground. A three crew team is enough to keep everything running, as it consumes just 270 liters of fuel every hour, compared to jet liners which consume up to 3,300 liters per hour. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Our vessels are riding on a dynamic air cushion which is produced by ram air under the reversed delta wings, lifting the body hull. As a lifting aid we developed a temporary air cushion which is fed by a certain stream from the propeller, which is guided into a concealed chamber between the catamaran hull. FlyShips are capable of reaching 155mph and they burn 50 per cent less than any twin turboprop aircraft of comparable size and we operate on diesel fuel and ‘green’ LPG [Liquefied Petroleum Gas]. Our technology is for the first time closing the obvious and highly sought after gap between slow-but-cheap transport by ship and fast-but-expensive travel by aircraft,” said company representative Daniel Schindler.