Inventor Hiroki Ohge, who also happens to be a professor at Hiroshima University, noticed that stores in the US were selling various cushions and shorts that used activated carbon and charcoal to deodorize body smells. It turns out that those aren’t as efficient as companies would like you to believe, so after analyzing them, he set out to create his own. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The ceramic material’s countless tiny pores were ideal for the task, and the fact that it was strong enough to hold up to wear and washing made it ideal. Ultimately, the ceramic component was broken down into nanoparticles and attached to the underwear fabric, making it invisible to the naked eye. Completed in 2008, the smell-proof underwear were first introduced in nursing homes for the elderly, where it did a great job of neutralizing both flatulence and old age smell. That’s one of the great things about Inodore’s special fabric, it can mute all kinds of bad smells, from gas to sweat and even that old age smell produced by a chemical known as nonenal.