File this under: Epic FAILS. These may look like normal photographs of a man and his girlfriend feeding him, but it’s all just an illusion created by Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi. If you’re unfamiliar with the “Forever Alone” internet meme, it’s basically “an exploitable rage comic character that is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life,” according to knowyourmeme. Continue reading to see how he really made this image and more.

To get the desired effect for his romantic selfies, Keisuke, who studied at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, first applied a lot of light makeup foundation to his right hand, as well as bright red nail polish to give it a girlish look. He also put on a scrunchie to avoid any kind of confusion.

Jinushi advises those who want to follow his example to use a retro or Instagram-style camera filter for that genuine “girlfriend photo” effect. A slightly embarrassed grin is also recommended to make the picture more believable.


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