Steel Like Glass

Scientists in Japan have created glass that is nearly as strong as steel, and this new material, that is so resistant to shattering, has thousands of applications, such as smartphones. Alumina, an oxide of aluminum, is the substance used in creating the durable glass, mixed with silicon dioxide, resulting in a much stronger pane of glass. The research team expressed the chemical components into the air, where they synthesized and created a transparent pane of nearly unbreakable glass. Continue reading for an image of the material and more information.

Steel Glass

“The uses for glass that can withstand powerful blows is limitless: from super-safe windshields in cars to durable screens in electronic devices, this material will surely change the future…[they are] looking to commercialize the technique within five years. Until then, we’d better keep a firm grasp on our pricey, vulnerable phones,” according to Inhabitat.

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