Jerry Patrick Batmobile Movie Cars

Jerry Patrick, an auto enthusiast and movie fanatic from Georgia, has been building custom cars for nearly three decades, and now he specializes in creating movie-perfect vehicle replicas. Jerry’s Batmobile took 3-years to build, with all features custom made, and yes, it’s street-legal. In addition to the amazing Batmobile above, he’s replicated Knight Rider’s KITT, Scooby Doo’s The Mystery Machine, as well as The Love Bug’s Herbie. Not to stray too far from his roots, he’s also built Eleanor (1967 Ford Mustang) from Gone In 60 Seconds. Continue reading to see his other vehicles, along with another video showcasing them.

Jerry Patrick Movie Cars

“The experienced builder is often juggling between 25 to 35 cars at one time as his projects usually require parts from multiple vehicles to create the finished product. So which movie will provide Jerry with his next burst of inspiration? His upcoming projects include Mater from the movie Cars, an A-Team van and Bumblebee from Transformers. Building the replicas mostly for fun, Jerry says he loves the reaction from kids and film fans,” reports Mail Online.