John Deere ZTrak 900 Tweel

We have seen the future of mowers, and it’s the John Deere ZTrak 900. What makes this model so special? It comes equipped with Michelin Tweel airless tires, which boast a lifespan three times that of a pneumatic tire, as they never go flat. They are also maintenance free since there is no air pressure to maintain while dampening bumpy rides navigating over bumps, curbs, rocks or other debris. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Plus the open-air design of the Tweel – a reinforced outer tread is connected to a central hub with a series of rubber spokes that bend and flex like a real tire – means upgraded comfort and shock absorption too. All that plus better reaction when cutting over curbs and bumps too. At $8,000+, we expect to see these on MLB fields way before we spot them on our neighbor’s lawn,” reports HiConsumption.

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