Kenguru Wheelchair Car

Kenguru is a futuristic, single-person electric car designed specially for those in wheelchairs. Its unique design allows them to easily enter the vehicle and drive around, as the wheelchairs can easily be rolled into their car from the back. You’re then able to securely strap it in, and start driving. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.


“The first generation vehicle will have a retail price around $25,00. Our goal internally is to dramatically reduce this price over the first three years, to somewhere under $15,000,” says co-founder Kissaroslaki. Most customers are paying a fraction of the cost, and many pay nothing, due in part to subsidies for eco-friendly vehicles. The biggest deduction available, however, in the US and western Europe, is if someone needs the vehicle to go to school, work, or otherwise engage in a way that’s beneficial to their country. Some agencies or vocational rehab programs will pick up 95-100 percent of the cost in this case.