Kormaran Convertible Boat

There are boats, and then the Kormaran, a real-life transformer. It can be configured 6 different ways, including: monohull, catamaran, trimaran and a high-riding, fuel-efficient hydrofoil. That’s not all, the deck can be flipped open for sunbathing when at rest, or used as a light in “night mode”. The vessel is primarily constructed from carbon fiber to help keep its weight at 3,300-pounds. It’s powered by 3 water jet drives and a 500-horsepower engine, with a top speed of 44 mph. Continue reading for a video showing it transforming.

“For starters, this thing is like the Optimus Prime of the ocean, as it goes from monohull to catamaran to trimaran to bathing deck, and then finally into ‘flight mode,’ as the use of hydrofoils decreases water resistance by 80%, giving you a landspeeder kind of effect as you cruise the coast. The hydrofoils also mean higher speeds while using less energy, and with Formula 1 and lightweight aircraft technology onboard, the Kormaran promises to be a truly unique sea creature,” reports Hi Consumption.