Lamborghini Centenario Roadster

The Lamborghini Centenario Roadster has officially been unveiled, and believe it or not, all 20 examples have already sold for a whopping 2-million &eur; each. Unlike its predecessors, this limited edition model sports a high-tech infotainment system with an 11″ touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, two optional cameras and telemetry. It’s powered by a 770-horsepower V12 that makes it the most powerful road-going Lamborghini of all times, good for a 2.9-sec 0-62 mph run as well as a 218mph+ top speed. Click here for more pictures of the roadster. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The Roadster that was unveiled today at Pebble Beach has been designed to optimized airflow with highlights including the channel at the rear of the headrests, the shape of the windscreen and the integrated diffuser. Oh, and the rear-wheel steering and rear wing that extends (by up to 150 mm) and rotates at a max 15 degrees angle to ensure the best aero performance at all speeds,” reports Car Scoops.