Anyone who has driven a Land Rover, or a larger-sized off road vehicle, probably know that the landing deck area doesn’t have the best visibility, but Land Rover has a high-tech solution for this problem, and it’s called the “Transparent Bonnet Concept”. This technology basically uses cameras mounted on the front grille to capture real-time images of the area hidden by the bonnet, and then projects them onto a full-width heads-up display attached to the windscreen. This produces the illusion that the front of the car has become transparent, allowing the driver to see what obstacles are in the way. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Gizmag reports, “In addition, the display shows a pair of virtual front wheels, so the driver knows where they are and what angle they’re pointed at, as well as readouts of the front and lateral tilt of the car, front wheel angle, and speed in both imaging and non-imaging modes.”

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