Lean Skateboard

Unlike similar designs, the Lean Skateboard bypasses the standard truck with a multi-link truck that enables the 120-mm wheels to lean into turns. According to creator Enzo Prathamesh Shinde, this results in a much more stable ride, making it a perfect fit for riding downhill. There’s also enhanced steering, thanks to a simple four-bar linkage system attached to the board, giving every joint two rotational degrees of freedom. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Normal skateboard wheels aren’t designed to tilt, so Pramash came up with a spherical design for the Lean’s 120-mm wheels. The company says that each wheel has the ability to turn in three dimensions due to them having their own individual axis that moves in a conical shape – letting them lean and rotate smoothly at the same time. Its design also has a low center of gravity, which enhances its handling and control. The bigger wheels, meanwhile, offer faster speeds (up to 35mph) and roll more easily over cracks.