Lenovo Transform Flexible Laptop

A futuristic flexible laptop was unveiled at Lenovo’s Transform event in New York City, and unlike similar concepts, this one does not require a hinge to fold open and close, but rather it uses a technology that enables the laptop to bend like a book. You also won’t find a trackpad, and comes with a pencil/stylus that allows you to use the device like a notebook. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“It’s great to see companies follow this trend of outlandish-concept, something we’ve seen students and independent designers do time and again. It’s important to create something that a human dismisses as impossible and not-going-to-happen, because what people deem as unrealistic often transform into stepping stones for what we see becoming achievable in the future. Lenovo plans to debut the laptop design sometime around October, but for now all we have is this announcement,” reports Yanko Design.

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