Researchers have revealed LightPaper, or a way to print sheets of ‘paper’ infused with tiny LEDs that can be applied to walls, and even printed onto other objects, effectively turning anything into a light. Here’s how it works: LightPaper is manufactured by mixing ink / tiny LEDs together and then printing them out on a conductive layer. That object is then placed between two other layers and sealed. The tiny red blood cell-sized diodes are randomly dispersed on the material, and when current runs through the diodes, they light up. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Rohini, the company behind this technology, “The magical thing about this solution is it’s brighter, it’s thinner, it’s flexible, it’s addressable, and programmable. You can address the sections of the diodes, which is a whole other space when you start thinking about solutions of light that you can address sections of. Anywhere there is a light, this could replace that.”


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