Lily Camera

Think of Lily Camera as basically a self-flying camera for people who don’t want to pilot a quadcopter while attempting to record video footage. Measuring a svelte 3″ high and roughly 10″ square, this 2.8 pound gadget can easily be pulled from a backpack and then tossed in the air. Its motors will start working automatically as the drone takes flight. Thanks to a sealed body, rain or snow won’t be a problem for this drone. Since there’s no radio controller, users just wear a puck-shaped tracking device on their body. It uses a combination of GPS and visual subject tracking to let Lily know your position, distance and speed. Once locked, Lily can be set to maneuver to keep you in frame or be set to follow your every move via a mobile app. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The camera it uses is capable of shooting 12.0-megapixel still shots, 1080p HD video @ 60fps, and 720p @ 120fps (slow motion footage). Plus, there’s a built-in mic in the tracker synced with the camera, so you’ll be able to capture audio from the ground. When fully charged, you’ll be able to get approximately 20-minutes of flight time. More information.

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