LIT Motors C1

Think of the all-electric LIT Motors C1 as a motorcycle crossed with a car. Using two gyroscopes and electric motors to keep its balance, the C1 is very hard to knock down. It promises up to 200-miles of all-electric range, seating for two adults, 0-60 mph acceleration in under 6-seconds, and a curb weight of just 800-pounds. The vehicle is only 40″ wide, making it easy to split lanes and filter through traffic. Click here to view more pictures of the C1. Continue reading for an in-depth video of the C1’s features and driving capabilities.

“The initial production run is expected to cost around $24,000 each, or around $19,000 after tax incentives. That’s a lot for a tiny electric vehicle, but understandable from a small company making a high-technology product. If it goes into full-scale production, the price could drop as low as $12,500 before incentives,” according to Green Car Reports.

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