Sleek and stylish, the LSTN Bowery earphones are not only beautiful, but one of the best-sounding models for the price. At $50, each pair is handcrafted from reclaimed wood (no two pairs are the same), and LSTN helps restore hearing to a child in need with every purchase. Continue reading for our full review. More information.


From the moment we opened the package, everything just screamed quality. Most earphones come packaged in impractical boxes, but the LSTN Cherry Wood Bowerys came in their own bag and were stunning to say the least. The integrated microphone was excellent for calls and voice recording during our tests.

To test noise isolation, we used this pair at the gym, and they definitely blocked out most (90%) of the exterior noises. The technical specs are as follows: 101+/-3dB At 1KHz1mW sensitivity, 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, and 16 Ohm impedance. No matter what genre of music we listened to, the highs were crisp, the mids, rich, and the lows, very punchy. We didn’t notice any clipping even at the higher volumes.

One other thing people might be wondering is if the cable easily got tangled. We’re happy to report that the cables stay neat and untangled should you put them back into the bag once you’re done using them. Overall, we highly recommend the LSTN Bowerys, as they easily stand up to the more expensive models we’ve tested (Monster, Harmon Kardon, etc.). More information.

Bonus Info – Troubadours Headphones Now Available

LSTN Headphones have officially launched their all-new Troubadour over-ear headphones to coincide with their official website launch. According to the company: “The unique, eco-friendly headphones are made of reclaimed wood with acoustic properties that outperform synthetics. In addition to top-quality sound, each pair of LSTN Headphones sold helps restore hearing for a child in a deaf school.” More information.

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