M4 Tactical Crossbow

No, this isn’t a prop from The Walking Dead, but a real weapon. That’s right, the M4 Tactical Crossbow from Tactical Tech Zone has been equipped with a red dot laser sight / scope, blue SWAT light attachments, along with an LED flashlight to catch the zombies that may be lurking in dark corners. If you happen to run out of arrows, it also comes equipped with a 180 steel ball magazine, all packaged within a sleek carrying case for easy transport. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“What makes this crossbow tactical? It’s black, for a start, and it comes with a red dot laser light, a blue ‘Wolf’s Eye’ light and a 600 lumen flashlight. All these can be fitted, tactically, to the body of the bow. But does it work? Sure it does. Simply pour ball bearings into the bow’s interior magazine. Then cock the bow, which is easy, release the safety, squeeze the trigger and shoot,” reports Lone Star Parson.


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