Finally, the MacBook Pro Retina receives some well deserved hands-on time in the hands of a few lucky press members. So far, everyone agrees that once you experience this 4.46-pound beast, you won’t be going back to its non-Retina counterpart. Product page. Continue reading for the videos, pictures, and more information.


And that display? It’s gorgeous. If you’ve had the opportunity to compare the new iPad to the old iPad you’ll know the kind of leap forward we’re talking about here. It’s that much better, but it isn’t just resolution. Contrast seems greater and viewing angles too.


The next-gen Pro chassis is definitely easier to carry around than the old unibody, but it doesn’t exactly feel small. I lug around my 15-inch Pro enough that I’d appreciate the difference but don’t expect this to feel like a slightly larger MacBook Air. Looking at it another way, the next-gen Pro feels right and makes the old unibody design feel big.

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