Reddit Drawn Paintings

Photo credit: Rezinatoriously / Reddit

Ernst Berlin wanted to give his wife Agnes a unique birthday present since she gave birth to the couple’s son, Jacob. So, he turned to Reddit – more specifically the subreddit called Reddit Gets Drawn – where he selected 23 artists to create original pieces of art using images of Ernst, Agnes and his 8-month-old baby. He gave these artist 38 images to choose from, and let them pick the ones that stood out to them. They were free to reinterpret them in an artistic style of their choosing, resulting in a wide variety of artwork. Continue reading to see them all and for a reaction video.

Reddit Portraits Drawn

“Last week, on Agnes’ birthday, Ernst sent his wife off to a day at the spa, and got to work framing and hanging up the series of images on their bedroom wall. Ernst set up a camera in their bedroom to capture the big reveal, and Agnes was completely blown away by what can only be described as one of the best presents for a new mom ever,” reports Cnet.